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Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
should bow out and v-p candidate paul ryan, called akinnpersonally to suggest he intends to stay in the game. 3 patriots coach, bill belichick is speaking out... about why he confronted an official at &pthe end of sunday's game t happened just moments kick on the final play.7-yard - beliccick says he was looking the play was under review.he says he never tried to abuse or be disrespectful to any officiaa... and that from where he wassstanding... he cooldn't tell if he field goal was ggod.the n-f-l is now investigating the ccnfrontation. footbbll fans are ightinggup social network sites... ver a controversial laat second wii... ddring monday'ss got ppople talking..with less than 5 econdson the clock... russell wilson of the seahawks throws up the ail maay. seahawks wide receiver, olden pate comes down with the ball... but he asn't the only one.if you look closely... you ccn see packers ssfety, organ burnett ith a good rip as looks like the green bay defender comes down with the all... and wilson just has hhs hand onnit. but the referee ccmes back and ignals th
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
officials and it makes the game chaotic..."rex ryan / ny jets headcoach"...all we can do, and all i'm gging to do is get our team ready to play, no matter who is ut there officiating that's the job of coach..."the nfl will have the right to hire full-time officials beginning in 2013. 3 new information juut into our newsroom about a doublee shooting in orth baltimore... a woman and a 4 year old boyy dispute.. and the shooter iss still on the loose this morning. morning.they were shot near gorsuch avenue juut after 9 last niggt. when police arrived ... the suspect was gone... and ttey are still searching for him. the woman was shot in the torso.. and the boy as shot in the hip. the victtms injuries are not belieeed to be life threateningg &phe's being ued for sexual harrassment... anddtaxpayers are footing the bill for his 450--ollar an hour attorney. attorney.anne arundel countt &pbill is already moreethan 20 thousand dollars.. for the lawsuittthat a former county employee brought against him. pntii reccntly county attorreys were representing him... but nnw a ppriate attorney has
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2